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Circulation Trio

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1 Toning Leg Oil
1 Refreshing Leg Gel
1 Healthy-Circulation Natural Beverage

Lightness, wellness, movement. A complementary, restorative trio. Put some pep back in your step!

Toning Leg Oil (50 mL) : purifies and reduces puffiness. Very effective against water retention and poor blood circulation.

Refreshing Leg Gel With 3 Mints (125 mL) : A single application instantly relieves, relaxes and refreshes tired legs

Healthy-Circulation Natural Beverage (100 mL) : Liberating and thirst-quenching..

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Works as a venous decongestant.

Cedrus Atlantica
Promotes the elimination of cellulite and water retention.

Tamanu oil
Antioxidant, protects small capillaries, rehydrates, softens and nourishes the skin.

Tones the skin, regenerates, promotes drainage.

Invigorates venous circulation.

Bay laurel
Stimulates lymphatic circulation.

Discover all the Corsican Maquis plants benefits !


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