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Hydrating Trio

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1 Supreme Moisture Day Cream
1 Supreme Moisture Night Cream
1 Eye Area and Lip Serum

An essential, triple-action treatment. A truly soothing skincare trio for the face, lips and eye area. Enhance your features for a more youthful appearance—and a boost in confidence.

Supreme Moisture Day Cream (50 mL)
An outstanding cream for repairing and perfecting with an appealing bouquet of ingredients!

Supreme Moisture Night Cream (50 mL)
Ideal for night-time beauty use. For the active ingredients in this cream contribute to maintaining natural hydration

Eye Area and Lip Serum (30 mL)
An active partner for youthful skin! It focuses on the face's most sensitive areas.

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Anti-inflammatory, soothes, regenerates, fights wrinkles.

Known for its powerful regenerative and rejuvenating properties, actively promotes healing, fights wrinkles and the signs of ageing.

Mysore sandalwood
Regenerates the skin, revitalises the cells, helps maintain moisture and elasticity, treats skin conditions (eczema, chapped and cracked skin).

Witch Hazel
Soothes, stimulates microcirculation and firms the skin.

Olive squalane
Restores the lipid barrier, protects the skin against dehydration

A wax with remarkable similarity to the skin’s natural oil, protects against dehydration, fights skin-ageing, maintains suppleness and elasticity, helps smooth and firm tissue.

Decongests, calms irritated and swollen eyes and eyelids, soothes, regenerates, restores radiance to dull and damaged skin.

Its balanced concentration of omega-6 provides regenerative and restorative properties, ideal to prolong and maintain youthful-looking skin, restores elasticity and tones the skin, treats dry, dull, devitalised, mature, wrinkled skin, relieves atopic dermatitis.

Excellent source of vitamins A, E and omega-6, invigorates and restores radiance to dull and devitalised skin, hydrates, regenerates.

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