WHEN BEAUTY is gathered from a chosen landscape

The Corsican maquis with its unique virtues

"Nucca" is the name of Corsican hellebore. A Machja is the maquis in which it grows between rockroses, strawberry trees, thyme, myrtle, lavender, phillyrea, mint and helichrysum. A richly aromatic, powerful, bitter and mysterious tangle of vegetation. An infinite tapestry of flowers, shrubs, stems, berries and branches growing under the fierce sun along arid, forgotten byways… and today, NUCCA offers us their boundless (or almost) properties. Let’s find out more...

In the footsteps of Hélène and Lise

These sisters grew up together on the island of Corsica.

Throughout their childhood the island was their playground, with the fragrant and familiar maquis close by.

And it is doubtless in part this olfactory childhood, followed by their balanced and healthy teenage years in the gardens of the family hotel, the Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa, that many years later quite naturally led them to develop a superb sensory project with a strongly marked identity.

But they still needed a helping hand. And they found it.

NUCCA, the opportune!

Although it was an obvious choice for Hélène and Lise to share the extraordinary richness of the island’s flora, it was their encounter with an aromatherapy enthusiast that enabled NUCCA to take its first steps. Founder of the first organic cosmetology laboratory in Provence 25 years ago and also a lover of Corsica, this specialist was impressed by the idea of uniting the diverse and powerful virtues of the maquis with some of the most prestigious ingredients from other parts of the world.

At the beginning just one treatment room at the Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa Spa was dedicated to NUCCA.

It met with instant success so the two sisters decided to turn it into an exclusively Nucca spa, and to launch a comprehensive skincare range.

The Corsican maquis and the paths to excellence

Firstly, whether grown in the immense kitchen garden at the Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa or gathered from the island's wildest and best preserved countryside, purity of ingredients is paramount.

Next, exacting methods...

For from the outset, the sisters have benefited from superior professional support for NUCCA, combining performance, expertise and innovation.

Each fragrance, each ingredient, each texture and benefit have been carefully scrutinised, tested and selected. Everything has been analysed and inspected down to the smallest details.

While well aware that the Corsican maquis is abundant in treasures, they were also shown that using the best ingredients from elsewhere to make their natural skincare products acts as a lever, contributing to progress and sometimes to excellence.

At the same time, they learnt which components make wonderful creams, which are the most prestigious and how to work using only the finest natural organic raw materials without any chemical additives.

Little by little they chose their route and the project gained momentum.

NUCCA offers the benefits of revitalising minerals and rare ingredients extracted from over 100 Corsican plants in a full range of skincare. Natural and organic. Rich. Precious. Effective!