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Party Trio

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1 Exfoliating Face Cream
1 Nucca II Detoxifying Mask
1 Boosting Serum

Triple the action for a powerful pay-off. This cream and skincare trio features a blend of skin-saving active ingredients, with instant results. Enhances the complexion. The perfect way to treat yourself and your skin at night.

Exfoliating Face Cream (100 mL) : Rich in natural vitamin e, it moisturises, refines, softens and removes dead skin cells
Nucca II Detox Mask (50 mL) : this mask helps eliminate toxins and protects the skin from free radicals.
Boosting Serum (30 mL) : An excellent tissue regenerator, it firms and plumps up the skin and energizes the face

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Antiseptic, with powerful absorbent properties, remineralises, heals, removes impurities and deeply purifies the skin.

Excellent source of vitamins A, E and omega-6, invigorates and restores radiance to dull and devitalised skin, hydrates, regenerates.

Part of the citrus family, native to East Asia and also cultivated in Corsica, promotes relaxation, purifies the skin, combats anxiety, fatigue and cellulite.

Softens and refreshes, while also toning and firming the skin

Lemon balm
Calms, soothes.

A wax with remarkable similarity to the skin’s natural oil, protects against dehydration, fights skin-ageing, maintains suppleness and elasticity, helps smooth and firm tissue.

Regenerates the skin, also a powerful astringent, effectively tightens pores, an excellent anti-ageing active ingredient.

Repairs sensitive skin.

Discover all the Corsican Maquis plants benefits !


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Glow Now Box
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Glow Now Box

Nucca 1 Moisturizing Mask 50ml + Facial Exfoliator Cream 


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