Life is sweeter on our island.

CALARENA, the unique, very Corsican luxury beach- and leisurewear brand is a favorite to a Dolce Vita  keen of all our hidden paradises. Swimsuits with precious jewel details, bold yet simple dresses, caftans or trousers that you slip on after the beach and don’t want to take off.

CALARENA celebrates the barefoot summer life we all dream of: simple and sophisticated, close to nature by passion inspired by the triumphant yet discreet femininity of Mediterranean women. The collections can be found in other exceptional places around the world. Like NUCCA, the brand was created by two sisters: Marie-Luce and Sandrine.

Our Eden has it’s well deserved style.

A CALARENA women has an exclusive scent. The 100% natural skin oil NUCCA x CALARENA can be worn from day to night both to repair your skin and to enhance your tan. It is enriched with the precious essential oil of Ylang-Ylang, an elusive blend with a spicy clove facet and the sensual scent of white flowers.

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