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Murtoli as those in the Know name it, is a land of plenty for the Happy Few, eager for authenticity.

At this one-of-a-kind luxury resort where the Ortolo Valley joins the pristine sea, everything is calm, luxury and the voluptuousness of living in the middle of a breathtaking  environment. An out of sight eco-luxury experience in 17th century sheepfolds far away from the hustle and bustle.

The exceptional DOMAINE DE MURTOLI hideaway intrigues travel guides which regularly name it in their Top 10 international luxury resorts. It’s spa could only be a NUCCA exclusive. Our extremely rigorous clean treatment protocols are in total harmony with this Eden where the majestic beauty of Corsica is a celebration.

DOMAINE DER MURTOLI has an exclusive fragrance. The iconic NUCCA x DOMAINE DE MURTOLI body oil reminds the scent of the Corsican maquis landscape. A blend of sand and sea spray, combined with a resinous sweetness. A high performance treatment that nourishes the skin and sublimates the tan. This elegant bottle is a precious souvenir that will remind you of those blissful days spent in Murtoli for a long time to come.

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