Our Sun Salutation

Goodbye dull, tired complexion 


Adapt your beauty routine this spring in 5 essential steps!

During the winter, the skin accumulated more toxins and sebum as a result of applying richer, more nourishing skincare products. This winter coat and external aggressions slowed down cell regeneration. With the first rays of spring, our skin is crying out for lighter, gentler formulations to restore its radiance.


Gentle cloud cleansing


Our creamy CLEANSING LOTION acts like a comforting caress. Its natural ingredients evoke the warm Mediterranean season: lavender, mandarin, lime blossom and lilac. Sweet almond and cornflower soothe for a gentle, sensual make-up removal.

Apricot complexion enhancer

Wheat and apricot kernels are the basis of the FACIAL EXFOLIATOR. This non-abrasive treatment should be used without moderation. Massage the face, neck and décolleté in small circular movements to open up your skin to the following treatments and restore your most beautiful glow.


The irresistible smile vial


When the sun is out, we tend to squint. Our precious EYE AREA AND LIP SERUM reduces the fine lines that form in the most mobile parts of the face. It contains a high concentration of antioxidants and peptides, borage is rich in gamma-linolenic acid and apricot barracucca is a vitamin A champion. Friguia has been proven to reduce puffiness and dark circles. A must-have!


Lightweight hydration is key


Regenerate and soothe skin that craves light textures now! Our day and night moisturisers are classics. A veritable green cocktail! The skin absorbs the active ingredients contained in their natural ingredients: Mysore sandalwood, lime blossom, jasmine, chamomile, grapefruit, rose and St John's wort (for the SUPREME MOISTURE DAY CREAM) and yuzu, combava, olive squalane and grape seeds (for the SUPREME MOISTURE NIGHT CREAM). This duo meets the needs of even the most demanding skin types. Calming, collagen-boosting, anti-oxidant and plumping, two iconic 100% natural NUCCA products easy to live with because they don't leave your skin feeling greasy.


Hélène and Lise's advice: 


A barrier against all rays!

The moisturising day cream contains mineral sun protection, an absolute must at this time of year

Our SOLEIL DU MATIN is an allround mineral protection that we're used to applying to protect against the blue light emitted by LED screens, smartphones, tablets and computers. Did you know, the High Visible Energy light is more penetrating than the sun's UV rays and increases oxidative stress.

From the office to the beach at the Grand Hotel in Cala Rossa, SOLEIL DU MATIN is our essential shield against skin ageing.

Our Sun Salutation

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