Sense & Sensibility

The Corsican art of living by the light of our luxury candles


NUCCA candles contain the Corsican botanical treasures that sign our two exceptional places where summer seems eternal: the Domaine de Murtoli and the Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa.

Perfume your everyday life with their refined bouquets. More than any other sense, a happy olfactory memory appeals to recollections we cherish and gives rise to soothing emotions. We've captured the 100% natural scents of our two iconic locations in these luxury candles.




This is the olfactory signature of the DOMAINE DE MURTOLI, a land of milk and honey. Here, between our pristine beaches, pastures, olive groves and mountains, we celebrate a sophisticated art of living known only to the happy few and rooted in the traditions of the Isle of Beauty.

Myrtle, that berry of the maquis whose fragrance is carried by the Levant winds to the white sands crushed by the heat, is irresistibly fresh. We've combined it with frankincense, whose aromatic profile is as vigorous as the rocky peaks that complete the magic of our island: woody, resinous and balsamic. A divine duo that tells the story of the estate, regularly voted one of the world's most desirable hotels.




Our legendary waterside setting is written in the happy diaries of travellers who return time and time again, in search of the discretion and warmth that our House has provided for three generations. ‘Cala Rossa', for those in the know, is a luxury Relais & Château hotel with an extra soul. Here, the memories of former children live on, as they recall their adventurous walks in the vegetable garden to snatch a few sun-kissed figs before heading off to our white sandy beach.

We've encapsulated all the scents of our Eden in this candle. The generous sweetness of the fruit, the lively green notes of the fig leaves, are the markers of an enchanting place. The candle is also woody, like the majestic cedars in the garden, and has the bewitching aroma of angelica: herbaceous, musky, peppery and powdery at the same time. Sea rockrose reminds us of the magic of the Mediterranean.


Hélène and Lise's advice:


To fully appreciate your candle, burn it once until the entire surface is liquid. Trim the wick if necessary - it should be no longer than 0.7 cm to prevent the wax from becoming hollow. Under these conditions, your 100% natural wax candle will burn for 45 hours.

Domaine de Murtoli also comes in a spray bottle. Use it without moderation to create a sophisticated 5-star atmosphere in every room of your home.

Sense & Sensibility

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