Wintertime skin needs

Wintertime skin needs

Restore your glowy complexion now

Restore, soothe, smooth, brighten! Adopt a new skin regimen now to gently transform your complexion. Rely on our 100% clean, hyper-concentrated formulas to make a significant difference. Our skincare favorites are unaffected by cold weather and dry interiors, and are formulated for a deep, long-lasting transformation.



This NUCCA potion is a synergy of 22 virtuous natural active ingredients selected in Corsica and elsewhere. A hyper-vitamin booster for devitalized or irritated skin suffering from indoors heating and plummeting temperatures. It quenches, evens, soothes and balances your complexion for an immediate radiance effect.

Ask for its impressive supergreen menu: 

Jojoba wax oil, grape seed vegetable oil, muscat rose vegetable oil, prickly pear vegetable oil, avocado vegetable oil, rosewood essential oil, carrot seed essential oil, apricot vegetable oil, mysore sandalwood essential oil, patchouli essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, raspberry seed vegetable oil, plum vegetable oil, tamanu vegetable oil, sunflower vegetable oil, arnica flower extract, chamomile flower extract, calendula flower extract, daisy flower extract, white lily flower extract, poppy flower extract, iris root extract. 

Clean-luxe skin nourishment to feel great!



They are our ultimate cosmetic nourishment treasures. Winter is the perfect time to adopt one of our precious hyper-concentrated serums that repair, sublimate and prevent. Let us introduce you with the trio that addresses the main concerns that men and women confide in us at NUCCA spas.


Adopt it for its powerful restructuring plump effect: Signs of aging are significantly reduced thanks to the interaction of Cinnamosma and Carrot. The Rosemary-Hop combination increases skin tone and elasticity. A small vial with great power, packed with 20 active ingredients. Just 2 drops under your usual evening skin care product make the difference.



A powerful plant duo - Parsley and White Lily - slow down the enzyme responsible for melanin overproduction and boost its distribution in the epidermis. Rosehip and Benzoin regenerate mature skin. A concentration like nowhere else of 17 natural active ingredients: 2 drops are all you need, so consider a 3-month treatment for a flawless result.



Mission: revitalize the skin's vital functions, boost oxygenation, stimulate fibroblasts and drain toxins. The result is a rapid, bluffing lift effect and a visibly refined facial contour. The botanical firming coalition so your skin will look and feel its best after every use: Bitter almond, Angelica, Saro, Lime, Lantana, Monarde, Rosemary and 18 noble oils.



If we have to make a unique choice, we recommend our MOISTURE NIGHT CREAM. Non-comedogenic, it's perfect for long nights and, why not, even the shortest days. Grapeseed oil and olive squalane are antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Vitamin C, a favorite brightening ingredient is provided by highly concentrated Yuzu and Combawa. This comfortable creamy choice, with its delicious citrus notes, is ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Hélène & Lise's advice:

Whether you choose the ’EXCEPTIONAL ELIXIR, the virtuous Green Beauty generalist as a skincare primer or one of our specific SERUMS with unrivaled botanical concentration: In winter everything is about more layering. 

Good to know: Our precious Serum vials contain 400 drops. At a rate of 2 per evening under the cream, it  enable you to go far beyond the 3-month treatment we recommend for best results.

Wintertime skin needs

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