Our Zen Beeauty Drink

Back-to-school is a mental stress season. The power of plants has been proven: 'Tea or Coffee' stimulants seem to have no alternative. 


NUCCA takes the opposite approach with LA BOISSON RELAXANTE to regulate stress and aim for serenity. An apple-based cocktail packed with the sedative and antispasmodic virtues of lime blossom, sweet orange essential oil, renowned for dissipating stress and lemon balm, which regulates our agitation. The phthalides contained in celery act as relax muscles and veins. A super-drink concentrate to help you sail through the waves of modern life.


Hélène and Lise's tip:


You get at least 10 liters with one bottle of concentrate. From morning to night, make it your serenity ally. Mixed with 1.5 liters of water a day, BOISSON RELAXANTE also helps eliminate toxins that dull the complexion.

Our Zen Beeauty Drink

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