Keep your Tan

During exposure to the sun, the skin thickens to protect itself. Dull, flaking skin is a typical side effect post summer.


Keep your skin glowing with our EXFOLIATING BODY CREAM. This treatment, applied in dry circular massages all over the body, releases the cleansing properties of soapwort when it comes into contact with shower water. Aloe Vera, Apricot, Lemongrass, Rosemary...our cocktail of natural active ingredients has been formulated for its moisturizing, revitalizing and toning properties. A hyper-sensory gesture to adopt as a matter of urgency for silky, toned skin.


After the shower, adopt one of our two best-selling skin care products to prolong the summer. Are you more MIDNIGHT SUN, a rich cream, or  would you prefer our SKIN OILS which have the enchanting natural scent of Corsican nature?


Both are highly dosed in Provitamins A to stimulate melanin production and illuminate your tan. They contain a super-alliance of precious oils to soothe, repair and firm the skin, and restore its barrier function. 


Hélène and Lise's tip:

Our two-step 'After Summer sun' protocol is designed to provide real sensory comfort in just 5 minutes, perfect for the busy back-to-school season.

Keep your Tan

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Rosewood, carrot*, lemon*, cypress*, bitter orange*, jojoba, sweet almond*, avocado,...