The Body Routine


Hidden for months under the layers of clothing that winter imposed, the return of spring sets our bodies free. Devoting more time to your care on a daily basis is an act of kindness and well-being.

THE EXFOLIATING BODY CREAM is a NUCCA is our must for healthy, silky skin. Emulsify it with a little water to gently exfoliate your body in the shower. The quartet of ingredients is Corsican: Aloe Vera, Apricot, Rosemary and Saponaria, this soap herb is a 100% natural cleansing agent. Once a week, apply our EXFOLIATING BODY CREAM to dry skin for a more vigorous scrub.

Ensure perfect hydration with our SOOTHING BODY LOTION which contains virtuous ingredients - Aloe Vera, Lime Blossom, Olive, Lavender and Shea Butter - that suits all skin types.

Celebrate the comeback of the sunny days with a NUCCA Icon: skin oil L'HUILE DU SOLEIL. A cocktail of plants that optimizes and preserves your solar capital. Carrot and chaulmoogra are melanocytes boosters that activate the pigmentation process for a longer-lasting tan. Our precious oils are also loved for their repairing and soothing virtues. Their sensual fragrances - fig, myrtle or the bewitching blend of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang - are the heralds of a beautiful Mediterranean summer.

We love to mix the body lotion with our skin oil for a sensorial and mood-enhancing Me Time.



The Body Routine

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