The 3 weeks’ Challenge


Spring is here, gently wake up your skin! Just like nature, it's starting a new cycle after a long winter that saw it struggle with cold, wind, humidity, dry indoor heat and a lack of natural light. It's time to adapt your 100% natural skincare routine and celebrate the rebirth of vitality and glow. Here is the 4-steps CLEAN LUXE NUCCA evening beauty protocol:

  1. Once a week, use our gentle formula to gradually eliminate dead cells accumulated during the winter. Our FACIAL EXFOLIATOR is a performing microcirculation booster. Apply with a little water to your face. Insist on the clogged zones which suffer most from the overproduction of sebum during spring - forehead, nose and chin - then rinse.
  2. Then apply the DETOX MASK in a thin layer on the perfectly cleansed face and neck. The skin is your largest organ: your face needs a purifying and regenerating booster now. The combined action of yuzu and verbena fights fatigue and helps you regain a new radiance. Apply for 10 minutes or keep the light mask overnight.
  3. A 3-week beauty treat that changes everything, permanently! Our SERUM IQN100 VII. OXIDATIVE STRESS is an exceptionally concentrated treasure of 27 high-performance plant ingredients. It reinforces resistance to external and internal aggressions and revives the radiance of your complexion. Mix 2 drops with our night cream and enjoy the quick change.
  4. THE SUPREME MOISTURE NIGHT CREAM, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, boosts collagen production while you sleep. The divine scent of citrus fruits is an invitation to self-massage, always gliding your fingers from the inside to the outside of the face. Other gestures that stimulate the production of collagen: light pinches on tense areas such as the chin and eyebrow lines, followed by tappings on the cheeks and cheekbones.

The 3 weeks’ Challenge

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