Natural Care

In winter, maintaining a pretty, supple, plump and radiant complexion requires a few adjustments to your beauty routine. 

The thermal stress of winter acts as an accelerator of the signs of aging. It's the perfect season to get beautiful skin back in shape with our hyper-concentrated repair serums. The SERUM 3 WRINKLES AND FINE LINES has remarkable restructuring powers.

During the day, go back to our SUPREME MOISTURE DAY CREAM with maximum moisturizing power, zero greasy film.

In the evening, treat yourself to the antioxidant cocktail and collagen booster of the SUPREME MOISTURE NIGHT CREAM. Or sleep with an extra thin blanket: the NUCCA I MOISTURISING MASK revives the cell renewal cycle.

At any time, LA CREME INSOLITE is your rescue tube. Redness, and chapping from the cold or as a cozy balm on the face or body, our bestseller has unusual soothing and restorative powers. This 100% natural safe treatment is also suitable for babies.

Natural Care

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