Make up removal & cleaning just for you

Make up removal & cleaning just for you

Choose your favorite double skin routine

Removing make-up then cleaning the skin membrane in depth are the two crucial and distinct gestures of your skincare routine. NUCCA offers you a ritual that meets the specific demands of your skin.

Step No.1, adopt THE CLEANSING SERUM FOR EYES AND LIP, an oily serum that gently removes your make-up. Its composition, calendula, blueberry extract, blueberry hydrosol is also the promise of a side effect that we love. Our virtuous treatment boosts eyelash growth and heals chapped lips along the way. Two drops on a moistened cotton ball are enough.

Step No. 2, cleaning the epidermis. THE MICELLAR LOTION based on water and natural surfactants is suitable for all skin types. Melissa, sage, sea salt, babassu, aloe vera and raspberry unfold their anti-inflammatory effects and act as anti-free radical barrier. To be applied on a cotton, repeat until cotton stays pristine white.

Our DOUBLE ACTION PURIFYING CLEANSER is for those who appreciate foaming care to get rid of make-up and impurities. It is suitable for all skin types. Its Corsican apricot, anise and lavender cocktail is rich in fat-soluble vitamin E for a soothing action and antioxidant barrier effect. Apply to dry skin, emulsify then rinse with cool water.

For dry and sensitized skin, THE CLEANSING LOTION is the best strategic choice. Lavender, mandarin, oats, sweet almond, lime blossom, blueberry and lilac are mobilized for an immediate comfort-hydration effect. Packed with antioxidants, this creamy and delectable cleanser is a glow enhancer. To rinse with one of our two NUCCA waters, the regenerating or the moisturizing.

Make up removal & cleaning just for you

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