Your skincare routine for this autumn

Maintain your radiance into the colder month

Intermediate seasons bring their share of stress to your skin. In autumn, the body concentrates its energy and abandons the surface: your skin…like the sap of trees which withdraws from the leaves. 

Our recommendation: Hydrate, oxygenate and bring concentrates of nutrients to your skin.

THE NUCCA I MOISTURIZING MASK, 10 minutes for your radiance. It envelops the skin damaged by the excesses of summer with 100% natural vitamins and minerals. Its high concentration of provitamins A brings you immediate relief and a healthier glow. 

SUPREME MOISTURE NIGHT CREAM works while you sleep. Yuzu, Kombawa, grape-seed and olive squalane boost collagen production and rebuild the hydrolipidic film. You will be amazed by its restorative sleep effect.

THE HYDRATING MIST, adjust your skin climate to autumn. Whether the weather is still mild or the cold grips you: Abuse this Pschitt to regulate your skin comfort as soon as needed. 

THE FACIAL EXFOLIATOR, our four seasons favorite, oxygenates your skin, stimulates blood flow and promotes cell renewal. You can use it daily, its clear & soft skin effect might become a Must for you.


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