Adopt Sun Care

MORNING SUN and MIDDAY SUN face and body accompany you until sunset. MIDNIGHT SUN takes over to regenerate, soothe and hydrate your skin after exposure.

Our sunscreens contain only mineral filters* infused in our biodegradable premium vegetal oils. They are applied to the skin to form a UVA and UVB reflective barrier. Karanja oil is a powerful anti-aging agent, Safflower oil is the champion of Omega-6 antioxidants and stimulants.

NUCCA campaigns against synthetic sunscreens which are still found in the vast majority of sunscreen products. They cross the skin barrier and enter the blood circuit where they remain for 7 days acting for many as endocrine disruptors.

Their destructive effect on living marine organisms is a disaster now known to all. 25,000 tons of components from sunscreens are dumped into the oceans every year. According to the WWF, 70% of coral reefs - which serve as a nursery for a quarter of the fish listed in the world - are seriously threatened, 25% even irreversibly destroyed.

*NUCCA chooses titanium dioxide (TiO2), a non-allergenic mineral filter. Encapsulated in our premium vegetable oils, there is no risk to your health, especially from inhaling nanoparticles.

Adopt Sun Care

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Midday Sun Duo

1 Midday Sun and 1 Midnight Sun

The perfect skincare duo for a day in the sun and a...

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Morning Sun Duo

1 Morning Sun and 1 Midnight Sun

The perfect balance from day to night. Restores...

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Midday sun

Beeswax, almond*, palmarosa, mysore sandalwood, cananga, safflower oil.