Heat is On

The high season trio our founders Hélène & Lise Canarelli love while running the ballet of summer bliss at their Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa in a light step and smiling.

At the office or on vacation, here are your essentials when the mercury rises.

REFRESHING LEG GEL WITH 3 MINTS for an immediate cooling effect. In mid-thigh foot massage, the three Corsican mints immediately refresh, the decongestant cypress boosts circulation.

TONING LEG OIL promises a long-lasting draining effect. Cypress and peppermint are associated with cedar which accelerates the destocking of fats, facilitates drainage by activating the lymphatic circulation. Niaouli and Tamanu are powerful tonics.

Shoo, don't forget the HYDRAITING MIST for your face, so much more than an SOS moisturizer. The star ingredients rock samphire and mineral salts provide calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Combined with beta-carotene, this dew beautifies and regenerates your skin while you indulge yourself.

Heat is On

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