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The NUCCA globe-trotting kit

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With this pretty travel kit, Corsican flora is now blossoming in the world’s most beautiful bathrooms!

Great opportunity for the year-end getaways.
The Nucca little pouch is going to disappear to come back even better in 2023…
Given the short expiry date (02/2023) of our remaining stock, we are happy to get you a 40% discount, which brings it down to 65€.

Perfect for travelling, it could also be an ideal gift to put under the Christmas tree.

  • 1 Moisturising Day Cream: Outstanding repairing and perfecting cream
  • 1 Regenerating Night Cream: Beauty booster, with all the benefits of a gentle, soothing skin cream
  • 1 Micellar Lotion: Effective and active “strategic” lotion
  • 1 Eye Area and Lip Serum: Anti-ageing properties, focusing on the face's most sensitive areas.
  • 1 Soothing Body Lotion: Silky-smooth nourishing and antioxidant lotion that encourages cell regeneration.

A small selection of NUCCA essentials containing an effective blend of pure, active ingredients, subtly scented with the fragrances of the Corsican maquis.
Also ideal for sensitive skins.

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