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Morning Sun Duo

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1 Morning Sun and 1 Midnight Sun

The perfect balance from day to night. Restores radiance and smoothness, for an even complexion and soft skin from head to toe.

Soleil du Matin (100 mL)
Ne comportant que des protections minérales naturelles, ce soin protège parfaitement.

Soleil de Minuit (100 mL)
Le soin qui apporte les bienfaits indispensables à l’épiderme après une exposition solaire.

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Antioxidant, very rich in omega-6, stimulates cellular regeneration.

Karanja oil
An oil rich in flavonoids, known for its ability to partially absorb UV rays, fights the signs of ageing.

Ylang ylang
Ylang ylang

Regenerates, revitalises and refreshes the complexion for a radiant, healthy glow.

known for its powerful regenerative and rejuvenating properties, actively promotes healing, fights wrinkles and the signs of ageing

Discover all the Corsican Maquis plants benefits !


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